Ben's Fish

We’ve worked with Bens Fish for years now and have only ever been impressed. Ben was an inshore fisherman on the Essex coast, with 20yrs experience who began by selling his own catch to London’s top restaurants. Today he delivers top of the range, just-caught fish straight from our coastal waters direct to some of the top restaurants in London – and all from a converted barn on Mersea Island. Every morning we talk directly to them and they explain what has come in from the day boats. They dispatch it and it usually arrives to us at the start of evening service which often means you’ll be eating fish that landed that morning!


Rushtons have been trading for 30 yrs supplying some of London’s top restaurants with the finest of British Produce and seasonally sourced European fayre. Their knowledge and honesty regarding the price and quality of produce is reflected in the regular reports they send out to us, the client which directly affects our ever-changing menus giving you, the customer the best available produce, as fresh as possible.

la fromagerie

From humble beginnings in a garden shed, the wholesale business now operates from specially designed cheese rooms devoted to maturing & refining cheese. We support raw milk production & respect for the animals & the land. We source directly from small artisan cheesemakers from around the world. We learn more from La Fromagerie every time we speak to them and they always try to sell the cheeses in their peak condition.



Daphne's lamb

Well, what to say about Daphne? Firstly, it’s the best lamb we’ve ever tasted and would never order from anywhere else. She’s been commended by the Queen, is on first name terms with some of the best chefs in the country and has even been on Countryfile! In her words though..

“People are surprised that I’m still working as a grandmother at the age of 73. My job is part of my lifestyle and one that I absolutely love. I’m passionate about farming, the countryside and the PGI Welsh Lamb that we produce which I think is part of the reason it has been so popular.  Some of my family run our farms now to ensure that the legacy we have created here will continue for generations to come but until I have to, I certainly have no plans to stop working just yet.”